Help / Treatment

Help / Treatment

The Nunvut Department of Health offers community, regional, and out-of-territory services to help diagnose and treat people with alcohol abuse or addiction problems.

If you or someone you know might have an alcohol abuse or addiction problem, talk to a nurse or doctor at your community health centre. You can also talk to your local social worker or wellness counsellor.

You can also call the Kamatsiaqtut Help Line for more support:

(867) 979-3333 or toll free at (800) 265-3333.

In Nunavut, there are also self-help groups that can help if you have an addiction or have a friend or family member with an addiction. Talk to your local health centre to find out what self-help groups are available in your community. Some common groups include:

  • Alcoholics Anonymous is a group for people who want to stop drinking or want support after they have quit drinking. 

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  • Al-Anon is a group for families and friends of alcoholics. 

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